What are the payment methods Ascott Tailors accepts?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and PayPal.

Why has my payment failed?

There are many reasons payment errors can occur and a number of steps you can take to resolve potential issues. Please review your personal and credit card information to verify that everything has been entered correctly. You could also try a different credit card or payment method, such as PayPal. If problems persist, please contact your bank, as it is possible that your account lacks sufficient funds or has been flagged for security reasons. For any other issues or questions, please contact our Customer Care representatives.

What is Ascott Tailors return policy?

Ascott Tailors wants to ensure that you are satisfied with the fit, design, and quality of the garments you have purchased. We recognize that, despite our best intentions with this website, your perceptions of what you have purchased, and what you receive, may differ. For this reason you may exchange your purchase, or return it for a full refund (based on the original form of payment). Where the return is due to a fault with the garment, the period for return may be extended. If the fault is minor, we will repair and return the garment.

When will I receive my exchanged item?

If you request an exchange, we will proceed with sending you the exchanged product(s) as soon as we have correctly received the returned goods.

Do you offer personal tailoring online?

Customisation of the suits are available. Simply click on “HOW TO MEASURE” in the footer of the site, or "START CUSTOMIZATION" in the product page.If you’re unsure about your measurement, you may visit to our store and we will provide you the first service together with the measurements state for you for your next online purchase.

How do I contact a store?

Simply go to the contact us of the website. Here you will find details about all of ourlocation; opening hours, address, contact details and directions.

How do I arrange a consultation or a fitting?

You can arrange an appointment with us at our shop or a free travel schedule appointment of your choice at a time that’s best for you. Simply click on “Book Appointment” in ASCOTT ON WHEELS or “TRAVEL SCHEDULE” in the footer of the site and input the details to book appointment so that we will plan the traveling time and provide our service to you.